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"This podcast has improved my diving dramatically. I binged listened to all the old episodes over a few weeks and I'm completely caught up now. I take notes on my phone to further research anything the guests or the hosts (Turbo and Shrek) talk about or suggest to do. Over the last 4 months I've gone from a 5 meter pot shot diver to a 12 meter+ diver with over 1:30 dive times and good fish to show for it. All thanks to the information these guys have put out in this podcast. Keep up the great work!" - Kurty

"This is the first podcast I've ever listened to, and I am averaging about 4 episodes a day since that first listen. These guys are awesome and so are there guests! Best motivation to do training! Only problem is I'll run out of episodes soon and have to wait a whole week for a new one..." Pete

"The amount of tip, ideas and laughs I've had from Shrek and Turbo and it has all improved my spearfishing 10 fold. Essential for any spearo, and highly recommend it, you won't regret it! Always hanging for the next episode! Keep it up boys! And while your at it get their book 99 tips to get better at spearfishing! Yew!!!" - Yupz

"Have been listening to Turbo and Shrek for a while now and those weirdos make me come back every time for more.... even though I'm located in Southern California. I guess I'm stoked to hear how people catch their fish all over the world!! Keep it coming boys." - Sebastian

"Guys, honestly, This podcast has been amazing fuel since my surf buddy and I started spearing just over three months ago on the southern california coast. We're pretty much just shore divers right now, but we've been hitting calico bass, yellowtail tuna, and sheepshead by just jumping off the beaches. We're starting to meet some people with boats so we're stoked. My pre-dive tradition is getting amped off a noob spearo podcast before I hop into the water after work. Keep them coming because I just finished listening to the 17th episode and I felt a little post partum depression coming on. I've learned loads from your show and need to keep soaking up the wisdom. Thanks!" - DippnDotts

"I recently got into spearfishing and couldn't believe my luck when I found this podcast after a random search. Not only are Shrek and Turbo incredibly funny and easy to listen too - but the way they have formatted the show is really engaging, informative and interesting. Hearing from Pros and veterans is invaluable to a newb like me and the information from these podcasts alone has made a world of difference to my diving and hunting. So if you're like me and your absolutely loving the sport and simply can't get enough info on and about spearfishing this is the podcast for you! Well done guys, you're keeping me well and truly stoked! sterling job!!" - Stu in Southern California

"Been an avid podcast listener for nearly a decade and this is my first review. This podcast is laid back, informative and absolutely essential for the new spearo. Great list of domestic and international guests. The most dangerous time for a spearo is in those first few months and It's good to know there is a easily accessible resource that I can point my mates to when they are starting out. Cheers shrek and turbo!" - CoxyADF



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Apr 26, 2020

Interview with Valentine Thomas | Part 2

Second Interview with Valentine Thomas! This episode we cover off what's happened to her in the last 5 years including guesting on the Joe Rogan Experience, attending international fishing symposiums, moving to Florida, shooting a huge Marlin and her very own cookbook - you know pretty much just your average person's last 5 year story:) Listen in!

Links Mentioned

06:00 How her perspective and life has changed since our last podcast

  • What has changed? Events, discoveries along the way
  • International Symposium of Fisheries Sustainability, organized by the FAO of the United Nations in Rome.
  • New life in Florida | French Fish and Seafood Cookbook
  • How has that been reflected in her life, choices, and habits
  • Confronting attitudes and dealing with BS
  • Freediving and spearfishing progress. Marlin in Cabo, Baja
  • Fish handling | reducing fresh water to clean the fish before bagging or vacuum packing

19:00 Her work in fighting against certain commercial practices

  • RECENT INSTA POST: Markets and fishing | making better choices and influencing others. Perceived value
  • Seafood labeling and carbon monoxide
  • WASTE: Valentine POST on INSTA: Fisheries are discarding and wasting around 10 BILLIONS pounds every year (conservative estimate!). Why is that?
  • 1- To comply with regulations. If they fish over their quotas or if they accidentally caught species they aren’t supposed to (by-catch)
  • 2- The market value of the fish caught is too low
  • This is why varying our diet and why the variety of species we consume is so important. We create the demand, consequently the market
  • Nefarious practices | impinging on National waters, people smuggling
  • Inequality of fishing laws, fishing law enforcement and some countries inability to police their own waters
  • Traceability and Seafood Labeling | Ecolabels
  • Lionfish - Invasive Problem | Creating consumer demand, incentivizing restaurants and changing public perceptions
  • Also countries with very well managed fisheries now importing a huge percentage of their national seafood intake from poorer countries with less well managed fisheries
  • Aquaculture. Seems to be an amazing idea with lots of problems. Enclosed waterway nets of species like Yellowtail Kingfish cause damage with the volume of fecal matter and also seem to attract disease whereas open ocean fish farming seems to mean large nets can be broken off in storms and become ghost nets and lose their capital investment in the equipment.
  • Reduced Transport Footprints | why do people in Australia demand fish from 1000’s of km away when they have amazing fish on their doorstep. Very short shelf life
  • Different forms of fishing and how they impact the environment. Harvesters (Oysters), purse seine, long-lining, trawling
  • Helping bleeding hearts understand the place and utility of commercial fishing and using quota to ensure stocks are maintained.
  • Using the whole fish | sharing the good stuff with others and promoting good practice

56:50 The Blackout Story from the SinkPhase crew

64:52 Captain Dan Walsh Speargun Story

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