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Noob Spearo Podcast listeners are saying;

"This podcast has improved my diving dramatically. I binged listened to all the old episodes over a few weeks and I'm completely caught up now. I take notes on my phone to further research anything the guests or the hosts (Turbo and Shrek) talk about or suggest to do. Over the last 4 months I've gone from a 5 meter pot shot diver to a 12 meter+ diver with over 1:30 dive times and good fish to show for it. All thanks to the information these guys have put out in this podcast. Keep up the great work!" - Kurty

"This is the first podcast I've ever listened to, and I am averaging about 4 episodes a day since that first listen. These guys are awesome and so are there guests! Best motivation to do training! Only problem is I'll run out of episodes soon and have to wait a whole week for a new one..." Pete

"The amount of tip, ideas and laughs I've had from Shrek and Turbo and it has all improved my spearfishing 10 fold. Essential for any spearo, and highly recommend it, you won't regret it! Always hanging for the next episode! Keep it up boys! And while your at it get their book 99 tips to get better at spearfishing! Yew!!!" - Yupz

"Have been listening to Turbo and Shrek for a while now and those weirdos make me come back every time for more.... even though I'm located in Southern California. I guess I'm stoked to hear how people catch their fish all over the world!! Keep it coming boys." - Sebastian

"Guys, honestly, This podcast has been amazing fuel since my surf buddy and I started spearing just over three months ago on the southern california coast. We're pretty much just shore divers right now, but we've been hitting calico bass, yellowtail tuna, and sheepshead by just jumping off the beaches. We're starting to meet some people with boats so we're stoked. My pre-dive tradition is getting amped off a noob spearo podcast before I hop into the water after work. Keep them coming because I just finished listening to the 17th episode and I felt a little post partum depression coming on. I've learned loads from your show and need to keep soaking up the wisdom. Thanks!" - DippnDotts

"I recently got into spearfishing and couldn't believe my luck when I found this podcast after a random search. Not only are Shrek and Turbo incredibly funny and easy to listen too - but the way they have formatted the show is really engaging, informative and interesting. Hearing from Pros and veterans is invaluable to a newb like me and the information from these podcasts alone has made a world of difference to my diving and hunting. So if you're like me and your absolutely loving the sport and simply can't get enough info on and about spearfishing this is the podcast for you! Well done guys, you're keeping me well and truly stoked! sterling job!!" - Stu in Southern California

"Been an avid podcast listener for nearly a decade and this is my first review. This podcast is laid back, informative and absolutely essential for the new spearo. Great list of domestic and international guests. The most dangerous time for a spearo is in those first few months and It's good to know there is a easily accessible resource that I can point my mates to when they are starting out. Cheers shrek and turbo!" - CoxyADF



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Dec 18, 2018


Interview with Captain Dan Walsh

Full shownotes here

Interview with Dan Walsh

Vintage spearfishing equipment, advice and stories about spearfishing pioneers, and insights into hunting Halibut aka barn door. Dan Walsh has spent 50+ years on the water spearfishing, scuba diving, captaining boats, chasing abalone and making TV shows about the ocean, Dan has no shortage of awesome stories. To compliment the chat I have included a tonne of info about him below. Enjoy this episode of the Noob Spearo Podcast:)

About Dan Walsh

Dan was captain of the “Sand Dollar” dive boat along with Bill Johnston when Terry Maas shot his big Bluefin at Guadalupe Island off Baja. Although it weighed in officially at 399.4 lb it was well over 400lb when he shot it, was on deck several days and got some weight loss due to dehydration. He also loves diving for Abalone and Lobster (his biggest was over 13lb!).

In 1972 Dan became a Scuba Diving Instructor and 76 was the beginning of his boat Captaincy. Along the way he worked many well known dive shops including Scuba Sciences, San Diego Divers Supply, Aloha Dive Shop/Honolulu, Skin diving Hawaii, Kamehameha Divers/Kona. He also worked for AquaCraft/Bandito, Underwater Kinetics, Blue Water Wetsuits, Aleeda Wetsuits along with Captaining or crewing the Spirit of Adventure, Bottom Scratcher, Kona Princess, and Caribbean Explorer.  You may have seen some of his film well known film and television work such as ESPN Diving with Christopher Reeve, PBS Nature/Antartica, and Shark Week. He is still involved producing shows for CBS, NBC sports, and others.

Dan's Old guys mask clearing technique: "Most of the Bottom Scratchers used tobacco and smeared a cigarette inside and rinsed it out to keep the mask from fogging.  I’ve never smoked and didn’t think that method was for me. I just used spit."

Spearfishing Tips:

  1. Get comfortable in the water
  2. Learn to breathe—buy Breathology, The Flow book for mental calmness, yoga breathing etc
  3. Don’t rush things, take it easy as you learn and get more experienc.
  4. Get comfortable with your equipment + Get a really good mask!  A Low volume mask that fits well.
  5. Best advice ever from Jack Prodonovich:  you’re supposed to be having fun, you don’t need to try to prove anything.  Just have fun.
  6. Travel tip: Have some sort of dive/travel/accident insurance.  I have DAN Insurance which covers pretty much anything that I would need medically or emergency transit from an area.

Captain Dan Walsh Interview Time Stamps.

06:00 Dan Walsh introduction and background. San Diego Bottom Scratchers stories and vintage spearfishing equipment.

12:25 Halibut hunting (Barn-door shooting)  in Dan's local waters with his buddy George

22:00 How did you make the transition from shore diving to boats and eventually Captaining boats

32:00 What was one of your biggest obstacles starting out? Spearfishing equipment availability.

#mentioned Freediving Course with Mark Lozano and Ted Hartys Easy Frenzal Equalizing Course

35:00 What has been one of the best days out you've had? East Bonitas Island chasing White Sea Bass

41:30 What is your favorite species to hunt and how do you hunt them effectively? Halibut aka Barn Door

47:50 What is the toughest situation in the ocean you've been in and what did you learn from it?

62:00 What is the funniest thing you've seen out spearfishing?

67:00 What is in your spearfishing divebag?

73:00 Spearo Q&A

Australian Spearfishing Retail Stores

  • Adreno – Brisbane. 56 Deshon St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102
  • Adreno – Melbourne. 1184 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham VIC 3192
  • Adreno – Sydney. 1/678-682 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
  • Adreno – Perth. 2C / 376 South St, O’Connor, WA, 6163
  • Spearfishing SuperstoreCairns. 303-305 Draper St, Parramatta Park QLD 4870
  • The Dive Shop – Port Lincoln. 4 S Quay Blvd, Port Lincoln SA 5606
  • Frogdive – Willoughby. 539 Willoughby Rd, NSW 2068
  • Spear and Fish Downunder – Newcastle.  990 Hunter street. Newcastle, NSW 2302
  • Spear West – 2/1 Baden Street, Osborne Park. Western Australia. 6017
  • Extreme Spearfishing – 1/539 Pitwater Road Brookevale, Sydney NSW 2100

USA Spearfishing Retail Stores

  • The Dive Source – Florida 16 #2, 3721, St Augustine, Florida
  • Oregon Freediving Company – Oregon City 919 7th St, Oregon

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